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Sinatra Cookbook is an ebook featuring 12 fantastic example applications built on the Sinatra framework and many well known Ruby gems.

As you may already know Sinatra is a fantastic framework built on Ruby. Ruby is a developer friendly language and at under 2,000 lines of code Sinatra is much the same, small, light, fast and easy to work with.

There is some great documentation and online tutorials for Sinatra and even some top tutorials. What's really lacking is a guide on how Sinatra can relate to real world scenarios. There are thousands of Ruby gems available online, but how can these best be used together with Sinatra to build a great application?

Sinatra Cookbook will feature 12 in-depth example applications and how they can relate to "real life" uses. Each tutorial will feature more than just Sinatra, making use of third party gems and techniques for authentication, databases, caching, email, file storage and more.

The aim is to complete the book in July 2014 and publish it in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats along with all the code examples as fully working applications.

The book will be written by Tim Millwood, a web developer who has been working with and writing about Sinatra extensively over the last year. He has written many blog posts about Sinatra, written for publications such as net magazine and was a Technical Reviewer for Packt Publishing's latest Sinatra book. All this gives him the experience to write a great cookbook of Sinatra applications.

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